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A residential water supply serves one single-family home. Application PDF

A Type III water supply is a privately owned water supply that services less than 25 people or has more than one but less than 15 service connections. Examples include: Duplexes, small apartment complexes, small grocery or retail stores. Private TypeIII Well Permit Application & Instructions

A Type II Noncommunity water supply is a privately owned water system that provides water for drinking or household purposes to 25 or more persons at least 60 days per year or has 15 or more service connections. A few examples are: schools, day care facilities, churches, restaurants, highway rest areas, and campgrounds. Application

If a well installation or modification (including pump replacement) will result in a pumping capacity of 70 gallons per minute (gpm) or greater (alone or in combination with other wells on the property), it is the well owner's responsibility to use an online Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool to determine if the well or modification will create an Adverse Resource Impact to a nearby surface water body.

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