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The tools below provide a search for well water quality test results. It allows you to locate reported water quality data in our database by searching specific addresses, a range of addresses, or a combination of township and section. The chemicals analyzed may include nitrate as nitrogen, nitrite as nitrogen, fluoride, chloride, hardness, sodium, iron, sulfate, and arsenic. These sample results are a collection of water quality data compiled for the last 30 years. The samples may have been collected by Environmental Health staff, a consultant or engineer, a realtor, a homeowner or well driller, for such purposes as a property sale, new construction or routine monitoring.

In the event you need additional information about the results of your search or for other issues resulting from the usage of this search tool, please contact us.

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The following table lists the acceptable levels for each of the water quality parameters:

Test Good Satisfactory Caution Problem
Nitrate as Nitrogen 0-3 ppm 4-10 ppm >10 ppm Methemoglobinemia
Nitrite as Nitrogen 0-0.3 ppm 0.4-1.0 ppm >1.0 ppm Methemoglobinemia
Fluoride 1.0-1.2 ppm 0.7-2.0 ppm >2.0 ppm Low levels prevent tooth decay
Chloride 0-20 ppm 20-250 ppm >250 ppm Taste, corrosion
Hardness 25-100 ppm 100-250 ppm >250 ppm Scaling of water fixtures, soap scum
Iron 0-0.2 ppm 0.2-0.3 ppm >0.3 ppm Staining, turbidity, and taste
Sodium 0-20 ppm 20-160 ppm >160 ppm Taste, special low sodium diets
Sulfate 0-50 ppm 50-250 ppm >500 ppm Taste, odor, laxative effect for new users
Arsenic Nondetect 0-0.010 ppm >0.010 ppm Potential carcinogen